Put your business in the spotlight by becoming a sponsor to increase your presence at the WPEA. Each opportunity will give your business the chance to stand out and prominently display your brand’s products/services and marketing materials.

Unlike any other event focused on education, the WPEA will merge the field of education with psychology, policy-making and well-being. Over 1,200 influential education leaders and agents-of-change will be there that you want to make an impact on. Positive education is a new field and its proponents are very interested in how your organization can help them achieve effective change. 


                                                                                                                    VIP DINNER (1-sponsor maximum)

Major branding of the whole evening! Introduce your company in front of VIPs and speakers with five-minute welcome remarks. Four guest admissions to the VIP dinner included! 


                                                                                                                    BRANDING & PRESENCE IN VIP/SPEAKER AREA (1-sponsor maximum)

Mix and mingle with the speakers in the Green Room and promote your business as a leading player in the education arena. 


NETWORKING EVENT (3-sponsor maximum)

All conference delegates are invited to participate in our networking events. This is a great opportunity to display your marketing materials on tables, have branded signage throughout the venue and be introduced as the sponsor of the networking event.

                                                                                                            MAIN STAGE SESSION (5-sponsor maximum)

A unique opportunity for your company to address the delegates and introduce a headliner or keynote of your choice (subject to availability). Be an integral part of this high-profile event and associate your organization with a world leader in education! Your branding will appear on stage throughout your chosen session. 

                                                                                                                  MEAL: BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR SNACK (12-sponsor maximum)

With their busy schedules, delegates will be grateful for food and drinks. Associate your brand
with one of the mealtime breaks and build your buzz! 


CHARGING STATIOn (2-sponsor maximum)

Unique customizable power table to recharge phones and other hand-held devices! Great way to offer power and for the delegates and increased customer experience branding for you. 


BREAKOUT SESSION (12-sponsor maximum)

Delegates will have the opportunity to choose breakout sessions that are the most interesting and applicable to them (subject to availability). In this smaller setting, you will have the opportunity to introduce the session, gain recognition on the opening slide and have one piece of literature or gift on each delegate seat.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        EVENT MOBILE APP (1-sponsor maximum)

Be the guide to the event as sponsor of the official app that will allow delegates to set their own schedules, see a floor plan of the event and have 5 sponsored push notifications delivered to them throughout the event.


EVENT MOBILE APP PUSH NOTIFICATIONS(maximum of 3 notifications per sponsor), (6-sponsor maximum) 

A promoted push notification is a great way to place your unique message in front of every delegate that downloads the event mobile app. 



Back cover • Inside back cover • Two page • One page • Half page • Fourth page


CONFERENCE BAG NOTEBOOK (1-sponsor maximum)

One of the most used and looked at book, before and after WPEA 2018, will be the conference notebook. You will receive prominent branding on the outside of the notebook as well as an ad in the center of the notebook.


CONFERENCE BAG PEN (1-sponsor maximum)

Everyone wants a nice pen to write with, so make sure yours is in the hands of delegates from  around the world. Pens branded with your company’s logo will be placed in every conference bag. This sponsorship is one that is sure to go home and be used by every delegate.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CONFERENCE LANYARDS (1-sponsor maximum)

Delegate badges are required for entry into every conference function. The delegate lanyard sponsorship is an effective way to have your company’s brand seen by all throughout the  
multiday event.

                                                                                                                  CONFERENCE BAG INSERT

Place your company’s marketing materials in the first and most prominent item that attendees  receive on-site: the conference tote bag. Sponsors are responsible for designing, printing and delivery of the inserts. 
A5 Size • A4 Size • Magazine/Booklet/Gift