Festival Presentations


Panel discussion (1 hour - 3-5 participants)

You may submit as a single panelist and we will partner you with other related participants, or you can compose your own panel with 3-5 participants. These discussions will be centered on a common theme, each panelist will have a few minutes to present their topic and then the chair of the panel will pose questions to the panel members for discussion based on the central theme


Posters (1-2 participants)

Poster sessions typically have 1-2 presenters. Poster projects can highlight interesting research, application, or policy that you or your organization/school has undertaken. 

Provocations (30 minutes - 1-2 participants)

You may submit alone or with 1 other participant. For these sessions we may partner you with someone who we feel has done work on a related topic. These will be short sessions where you bring an idea to the audience that will provoke thought, spark debate, or inspire creativity. Each participant will have 5-10 minutes to pose a question or idea to the audience and then allow for open discussion


Workshops (1 hour - 1-3 participants)

For workshops we prefer 2-3 presenters in the room. We are looking for hands on, interactive, skill-based sessions where participants can walk away with concrete skills or inspired new thoughts. Creativity and innovation is encouraged!