The International Positive Education Network (IPEN) is an organization that brings together policy-makers, researchers, educators, parents, governments, schools, universities and institutions to support the vision of positive education. We believe in education that prepares people for a flourishing life. Part of our mission is to bring people together from around the world to share best practices, research and policy. We do this by hosting events around the world to engage people in a shared dialogue about what education in the 21st century could look like. For more information about IPEN in general and access to resources on positive education, please visit our website www.ipen-network.com.



Igniting Action with IPEN Events

All IPEN events, whether it is a full Festival or a Day Conference, are planned to ignite action through bringing thought leaders together with a diverse body of participants. We believe that transformation occurs when we collaborate and share ideas. 

IPEN will be the launching point for a new kind of education—you will walk away inspired, transformed and armed with the tools you will need to change your education system forever.
— Sir Anthony Seldon

IPEN Festivals

Our original event, the IPEN Festival of Positive Education, is an event that brings positive education to life through workshops, general session, performance art, and experiential learning.

IPEN hosted our first Festival of Positive Education in 2016. This was a three day event brought together 850 people from over 30 countries to explore positive education in a variety of contexts. Due to the demand for this event, we will be hosting an IPEN Festival of Positive Education bi-annually. The next Festival will be held in 2018.


IPEN day Events

Due to the demand from our IPEN Festival of Positive Education, we wanted to create IPEN day events around the world that would be accessible to people in different regions. These events will look and feel very different depending on our partner organizations and the location which they are being held. 

Whatever their format, these events promise to bring leaders in the field to inspire thought provoking ideas on education.