Graduate and Continuing Education Credits Are Now Available!

IPEN has joined up with Southern New Hampshire University to offer you two graduate course credits for attending the Festival of Positive Education. Even better news, these graduate credits can be transferred into Continuing Professional Education credit hours for educators.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the graduate course credit details?

  • Course Number: PDED 619
  • Course Name: The Festival of Positive Education
  • Credit Hours: Two (2)

Why would I want graduate credits?

Earning two graduate credits at The Festival of Positive Education will give you the ability to use them at your home institution, transfer them into Continuing Professional Education credit hours, and apply them towards a Southern New Hampshire University program.

How many Continuing Professional Education credit hours does two graduate credits equate to? 

In Texas, two graduate course credits equals thirty (30) Continuing Professional Education credit hours. 

How do I transfer the two graduate credits into Continuing Professional Education credit hours?

Please check with your local school district to see how graduate credits will transfer.

How does graduate course credit grading work at the festival? 

In order for these graduate credits to transfer to your home institution or to be used for Continuing Professional Education credit hours we will assign you a letter grade based on your attendance at the festival. Each morning you will need to check-in at our registration desk so we can ensure that you are attending the festival. If you attend all three days to completion, you will receive the two course credits.

What is the registration process?

It’s quick and easy to book your place online at

Is there a festival ticket discount for teachers and students?

Yes! There are two Teacher and Student Discount packages to choose from. Book your place today at

  • Teacher and Student Discount WITH Graduate/CPE Credits – $795.00 USD
  • Teacher and Student Discount WITHOUT Graduate/CPE Credits – $495.00 USD

I have already purchased my festival ticket, can I still purchase the Graduate/CPE credits? 

Certainly! Even if you have already registered for the festival you can still purchase the Graduate/CPE credits on their own at

Have Additional Questions?

Contact Collin R. Gillenwater with any questions regarding Graduate and Continuing Professional Education credit hours.